Elise Seifert’s Journey as a DRHS Swing Player


Sophia Sarche

Seifert during the practice prior to her game. She watches the other team as they practice their techniques. “We just kind of watch the other teams just to support them too,” Seifert said. “It was fun, I mean I don’t know, just the excitement of the game and everything.”

Sara Pfitzer, Staff Writer

Elise Seifert (10) became one of the new “swing players” (an athlete who plays on both junior varsity and varsity teams) on the Dakota Ridge High School volleyball team after about four years of playing. Elise, number 22, plays as a setter for both teams.

Q: How did it feel when you were first placed on the varsity team?

A: I was really nervous because it was a really big deal, just because I’m normally on JV (junior varsity).

Q: How did you end up getting the spot on varsity?

A: Well, they needed — it was based on position — they needed their setter because Cailey [Prashaw], their setter, was out, and they needed another setter, so they pulled me in.

Q: How has that changed in practices?

A: I still practice with JV, just sometimes I’ll be pulled up to scrimmage with varsity just so I can start getting used to their players.

Q: Has that caused you any more stress or pressure?

A: No.

Q: Have you noticed any changes in your energy levels after the games?

A: If I play during the varsity match then I’m definitely a little bit more tired, but for the most part, there’s not that much of a difference.

Q: How often do you play in varsity matches?

Seifert serving during the DRHS game against Heritage on August 26, 2021. “It [the season] was really, really fun. It was better than last season because the COVID guidelines, kind of, lifted a little bit. But the help of the people who would come to games, the spectators, and everybody made it a lot of fun.” she said. (Sara Pfitzer)

A: It really depends on who we’re playing.

Q: Have players or coaches treated you differently?

A: No, I don’t think there’s really much of a difference just because of my connections with varsity. Because I have my sister (Avery Seifert) on the team, they already previously knew me.

Q: How has it been not having your twin, Lauren Seifert, on the varsity team with you?

A: It was a little hard just because we already had two of our family members already on varsity, so that was — it took a little getting used to. But for the most part, it’s been pretty good.

Q: How did your family react when you joined varsity?

A: They were really excited for me for being able to play on that upper level.

Q: Alexa LaGrange is also the other swing player, does it help you at all to know that you aren’t the only one?

A: Yeah, it makes it definitely a lot more comfortable on the sidelines because I have somebody to talk to.

Q: How did you feel about Lauren not making it?

A: I felt a little upset just because of the decisions that were made. It was a little rough because I usually have her on my team, like every single team I’ve played on I’ve had her with me. So it was something to get used to because I don’t have that one person I can talk to on the sidelines always. I have Avery, but I also have Lauren, too, so it was a little rough.

Q: Are you ready to play club, are you excited? Why?

A: Yes, I’m excited to play club. A lot of my friends that we’ve [Elise and Lauren] gathered over the years …We’re starting a new team, well, we’re having new people come into our team, so I’m excited to meet them, too, and to travel for club.

Elise Seifert at the Dakota vs. Valor game on Thursday, October 7th. She is celebrating her plays with a cupcake like the rest of her team. The junior varsity won against Valor, and varsity lost. “It was fun, I mean I don’t know, just the excitement of the game and everything,” she said. (Sara Pfitzer)