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Joe Biden Supporters and Trump Administration React to the Results of the 2020 Election

November 20, 2020

Americans knew that there was little chance of a new president-elect on election day. Due to COVID-19,...

Jeffco High Schools Pivot to Remote Learning Starting November 16

November 14, 2020

With the sudden increase in Covid-19 cases across Jefferson County, the district has decided to move...

Halloween 2020 Masked Up for Change

November 4, 2020

Halloween 2020 may have been the spookiest yet. With only a few trick or treaters roaming, closed down...

Dakota Ridge junior Milos Jankovic, in the process of constructing his and his father
Milos Jankovic Constructs His Own Success
Avery Purcell, Staff Writer • November 16, 2020

Jazz band; high school swimming, tennis, and basketball; robotics team; IB honors program; skiing; mountain biking; and 2019 Homecoming King. Tired yet? Somehow, junior Milos Jankovic manages to thrive...

As the American people are waiting for the results for the 2020 Presidential Election, it is crucial to look at common mistakes voters make.
Spike in Voter Turnout
November 4, 2020
An early morning on the island, the sky slowly fills with color as the virtual sun rises on the island.
New Horizons: A Perfect Game for the Time
Margaret Young, Staff Writer. • November 14, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that released in March of this year.  It came out perfectly for when quarantine was first starting.  The community has significantly grown since the release of...

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