DRHS Women’s JV Volleyball Wins Last Game of the Season

Dakota Ridge Women’s JV volleyball team won 2-0 against Lakewood High School in the last game of the season on Oct. 25, 2022. 

The Eagles had been on a winning streak until they lost to Valor Christan High School 2-0 last week. Player Ana Jankovic said the loss may have been due to inadequate communication between players on the court. 

“Just because Valor is such a strong team…we didn’t talk very much…on the court or on the bench either, it was just very quiet, which is unusual for us. That just makes it difficult to know, for people who are playing, who’s going to get the ball and how things are going to work out,” Jankovic said. 

The Eagles worked hard to get this victory against LHS, winning both rounds at the game. During the previous game, they planned to work on communication with players, and clearly, they did just that.   

“JV works a lot with their connection between setters and hitters,” player Jaidyn Mendoza said. 

The DRHS Women’s JV volleyball team won every game except one, making it a successful year.