Seniors Score


Photos by Savannah Chavez and Rileigh Barnes

Gwenna Keckler, Editor

Thursday night was full of fall weather, sweatshirts, and a football game the senior varsity football players at Dakota Ridge High School will never forget. On November 1, the school’s popular team went out on the field at Trailblazer Stadium to challenge Golden High School. And as the game played on and the score ended with an impressive 34-17 Eagles, the Senior Night game was one to remember.

This game gave the Eagles a 6-4 record for the end of the regular season and in league play they have a 4-1 record. They have a shot at 4A playoffs depending on the outcome of the Bear Creek vs. Chatfield game tonight, Friday, November 2. Chatfield wins and Dakota is in the top 16 for the playoff bracket, but if Bear Creek wins Dakota is knocked out of the spot.

Dakota’s men scored impressive goals and played their hearts out. Seniors Chris Freddolino, Jared Garcia, Ben Biffinger, and Elijah Rose all scored touchdowns throughout the game. Fighting off the Golden Demons, the Eagles soared high and proud.

“It was great to see all of us come together and win after getting down 14-0,” Ryan Kissinger (12) said. “This was a very important and emotional game for me because that game could be my last football game ever!”

This sentiment was shared by all the seniors who played in last nights game. With this amazing win, the Eagles have left their legacy on the field, hopefully to be picked up again in playoffs.