Senator Bennet Visits Dakota Ridge High School

Dakota Ridge High School students taking pictures with Senator Bennet.

Nevaeh Montoya

Dakota Ridge High School students taking pictures with Senator Bennet.

Bailey Briggs, Editor

Senator Bennet, a Democrat who has represented Colorado in the United States Senate since 2009, visited Dakota Ridge High School on February 24, 2023 to speak with AP U.S. Government and Politics students from all over the district. The visit included discussion of politically important topics as well as opportunities to take pictures with the senator. 

Leading up the event there was a lot of excitement about the prospect of meeting with a U.S. senator. Students came up with thought provoking questions for Senator Bennet and researched his policies with rigor. 

AP US Government and Politics Students and IB History students preparing to speak with Senator Bennet. (Bailey Briggs )

“One, I think it is an awesome opportunity to get to speak with our senator Michael Bennet, and two, I have some questions I would love to get his insight on,” Mason Deza DRHS senior said. 

Once Senator Bennet arrived at the school, he was introduced by Dakota Ridge senior Lauren Mandziak. She mentioned Bennet’s past accomplishments, including his former role as the superintendent of Denver Public Schools. She also stated which committees Bennet participates in, including Finance; Intelligence; and Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry. 

After he was introduced, Senator Bennet opened the floor up for questions, and the students had a lot of them. The conversation went in many directions including climate change, retirement, and education. Senator Bennet answered each question with care and as thoroughly as he could. 

However, many students felt Senator Bennet would not answer their questions directly. 

“He went around every question because that is what makes a good politician,” DRHS senior Hope Harper said. 

Even the possibility of Senator Bennet running for president in 2024 was discussed. 

Senator Bennet contemplating a question from a DRHS AP US Government and Politics students. (Bailey Briggs )

“I don’t know. I just finished this race…We’ll see,” Senator Bennet said when asked about the presidency in 2024. 


Senator Bennet contemplating a question from DRHS AP US Government and Politics students. (Bailey Briggs )After his time for questions was spent, students took pictures with the senator, resulting in many fun photographs and memories that will last a lifetime. 

Overall, the students reflected on this event and on Senator Bennet positively. 

It was interesting to hear how ‘down to earth’ Senator Bennet was,” DRHS senior Carson Repins said. “He seemed in–touch with all of the issues or concerns that were in our questions. Furthermore, he was a pretty funny guy.”