Senior Boys Battle It Out for the Mr. Dakota Crown

2019's Mr. Dakota perfomance was a huge success.

Maya Sheehan

2019's Mr. Dakota perfomance was a huge success.

Maya Sheehan, Staff Writer

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2019’s Mr. Dakota, Jordan Day Rhynard, was crowned on Wednesday night in front of the Dakota Ridge community. The show was the proud work of the many senior boys who put in countless hours of their personal time to make the show a possibility.

According to Angie Burdick, a senior escort to contestant Ryan Miller, a lot of work was done preparing during the weeks leading up to the event. Workers included student government, stagecraft and theatre crews who made sure everything “ran smoothly,” and the MC’s and Poms girls who helped create and choreograph the event. Burdick credits her belief in the show’s success to this collection of people.

“Without one of them, it wouldn’t be the same.” Burdick said.

Burdick recognizes the hard work put in by those who are participating in the show as well. “I know a month of practice went into the [opening] dance alone….people were making music for the dances, picking escorts and guys. It’s all a ton of effort from everyone.”

Day Rhynard agrees.  “So much work is required,” he said, laughing.  “I personally ran the dance for 15 minutes every night and then worked very hard on my song and rose ceremony. It’s a huge time commitment but an amazing experience!”


Despite being a competition between seniors, Mr. Dakota means more than a friendly battle to Burdick and Rhynard. “I think Mr. Dakota is all about recognizing people in the school community who represent Dakota well, while making it fun for everyone,” Burdick said. 

Rhynard transferred to Dakota Ridge in his junior year, so the fact that he was crowned Mr. Dakota feels extra special to him. 

“Dakota Ridge has been amazing! Ever since I came junior year I have been so thankful for all my friends and all the amazing students around me,”  Rhynard said. 

The Mr. Dakota pageant isn’t an event exclusive to students–the auditorium was filled with parents, grandparents, children, and many others who play a role in the DRHS community. “Mr. Dakota really brings everyone together because people from quite a few crowds came to be a part of it,” Burdick said.

The pageant included everything from an ASMR demonstration to a Vietnamese dance, as well as musical and martial arts performances. The participants of Mr. Dakota created a memorable night for the community–especially for Rhynard.

“My favorite part of tonight was getting the victory along with my best friend, Megan Attebery. We got to share such a special moment!”  Rhynard said. 

 “When I won Mr. Dakota, all I could think about was how happy I was. To be supported by the students and staff at Dakota was just so amazing! I hope I showed the world that anyone can win Mr. Dakota, no matter what club you partake in or what group you’re involved with!”