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How To Take The Stress Out of Holiday Tipping

Giorgio Trovato on Unplash
59% of Americans say they give larger tips during the holidays.

Tipping is hard to navigate in general but can be even harder during the holiday season. Most of the time, tipping is considered the main part of someone’s pay, and although that depends on the job, it is not entirely true. 

When working a job that includes tips, employers are not required to pay regular minimum wage but tipped minimum wage instead. Colorado minimum wage is $13.65 per hour, but Colorado tipped minimum wage is $10.63 per hour, which is much higher than the federal tipped minimum wage of $2.13 per hour. So, yes, tips can be a huge part of a worker’s pay, but if the tips plus hourly wage don’t add up to regular minimum wage, the employer must make up the difference in cash wages.

“I think tipping during the holiday season could go either way. People are either more giving or they’re more on a budget because of all the spending,” Dakota Ridge gym teacher Jennessa Horan said. 

However, one DRHS employee who works doing takeout at Olive Garden says his tips have gone up.

“I think I am getting tipped more during the holiday season because people are just more generous during the holidays,” senior Rhys Mallory said. ”The holidays seem to put everyone in a giving mood.” 

Younger generations are more generous with their tips according to a survey done by Daily Pay.

Knowing when to tip and how much to tip can be a tough situation, but experts have provided advice. For someone who is delivering food through a third-party app, it is better to charge a flat fee and take into consideration how far they traveled and how they are traveling. Anywhere from $3-$5 can be given to them because they are not the ones making the food, but rather just bringing it to you. It can also be hard to know what to do when someone behind a counter is requesting a tip through their screen. Experts say in this situation it can be ignored. Tipping for behind the counter jobs, such as ice cream shops or coffee shops, should only be done if the service is above and beyond. Tipping for waiters should always be done, but extra tipping can be provided if the waiter is especially welcoming and accommodating.

If you feel generous, you may consider tipping more for the holidays, but it’s  not necessary if your budget doesn’t allow it. However, when going to a restaurant, the waiter should always receive a tip, so if you are on a budget this holiday season, it may be best not to eat out.


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