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The Fall DRHS Play Rapidly Approaching: Here’s What You Need to Know!

Teddy Saxton
The cast of a Midsummer Night’s Dream work hard to perfect their lines and learn to tell the famous Shakespearean story. Lily Bender-Stone, Heidi Squillace, Ziyah Stapleton, Leo Miller, and Sophia Bierman rehearse to capture the essence of whimsical fairies.

The Upstart Crow Theater Company will perform “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Macbeth” in just one night! That’s right, two Shakespearean shows in just one night. The performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Macbeth,” also known as the Shakespeare Spectacular, is directed by James Young and written by William Shakespeare himself.

First off will be “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” which follows the story of four Athenians running through a forest trying to pursue one another after a mischievous fairy named Puck charms both Athenian boys to fall in love with the same girl! All the while, Puck is helping the fairy king play a trick on the fairy queen.

Following “Midsummer,” there will be a performance of “Macbeth.” During “Macbeth,” Scottish General Macbeth is told by three witches that he will one day be the King of Scotland. Though Macbeth grows paranoid, and he and his Lady Macbeth are driven to do unspeakable things!

The cast of Macbeth spend lots of time and energy creating an atmosphere for Macbeth by learning how to use the whole stage. Callie Glider-Wood and Heidi Squillace put lots of trust in one another to be able to pull this trick off! (Teddy Saxton)

Want to know how these two classic Shakespearean shows will play out? Then attend the Shakespeare Spectacular on November 9th, 10th, and 11th, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. There will be a short intermission between the two shows for the audience to get up and stretch.

Are you interested in seeing a teaser? Come to the short promo on Thursday, November 8th, during  Seminar! The actors will perform a short scene from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

If you want to buy tickets for the show, the posters hung up around the school have a QR code in the top right corner that you can scan with your phone. Additionally, visit the DRHS ticket website.

Curious to know the cast of these plays? Well, look no further; here is a list of every actor as well as the character(s) they play in both “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Macbeth.”


A Midsummer Night’s Dream Cast:

– Theseus: Cameron Aden

– Hippolyta: Sophia Bierman

– Egeus: Heidi Squillace

– Philostrate: Charlie Lafler

– Hermia: Madison Smay

– Lysander: Ryan Vineyard

– Helena: Avery Grosh

– Demetrius: Callie Glider-Wood

– Nick Bottom: Von Sluiter

– Peter Quince: Pamela Agahrie

– Flute: Fran Tafoya

– Snout: Allie Clark

– Starveling: Kiara Beekman

– Snug: Sara Strauss

– Oberon: Gabe Zinser

– Titania: Lily Bender-Stone

– Puck: Raven Meyers

– Peaseblossom: Ziyah Stapleton

– Cobweb: Leo Miller

– Moth: Sophia Bierman

– Mustardseed: Heidi Squillace

Macbeth Cast:

– King Duncan: James Young

– Malcolm: Rion

– Donalbain: Kiara Beekman

– Macbeth: Cameron Aden

– Macduff: Callie Glider-Wood

– Lady Macduff: Fran Tafoya

– Lennox: Ryan Vineyard

– Argus: Pamela Agahrie

– Ross: Allie Clark

– Banquo: Liv Walsh

– Lady Macbeth: Sara Strauss

– Witch #1: Salome Kekelia

– Witch #2: Serenity Nagy

– Witch #3: Heidi Squillace

– Murderer #1: Charlie Lafler

– Murderer #2: Von Sluiter

– Fleance (NO LINES): Raven Meyers

– Sergeant: Clover

– Seyton: Leo Miller

– Porter: Lily Bender-Stone

– Doctor: Patrick Betts

– Gentlewoman: Allie Clark

– Messenger: Fran Tafoya

– Siward: Madison Sway

Of course, no theatrical performance is complete without the behind-the-scenes support of the Tech Teams!

Tech Teams:

– Head Stage Manager: Heather Wera

– Stage Left Manager: Lee Friesen

– Head of Lights: Jenna Hood

– Lights Team: Griff Ashby/Colten Forbes/Kaylyn McEwan

– Head of Sound: Mya deGunst/Tanner Lord

– Sound Team: Thierry Amsler/Gray Cureo

– Head of Costumes: Clover O’Connell

– Costume Team: Hunter Plover/Teddy Saxton

– Head of Makeup: Amara Bennett

– Makeup Team: Ashley Garcia/Leo Miller/Rion N./Quinn Schroeder

– Head of Props: Sam Brinkman/Lee Friesen

– Publicity Team: Raven Meyers/Allie Clark

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