Jeffco Schools Searching For Superintendent


Jeffco Public Schools

Former Jeffco Schools Superintendent, Jason Glass, interacting with students.

Bailey Briggs, Staff Writer

In the Fall of 2020, Jeffco school’s superintendent of three years, Jason Glass, left amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then the Jeffco Board of Education has appointed an interim superintendent, Kristopher Schuh, and began a nationwide search for a new superintendent to be hired in July of 2021. 

The Jeffco Board of Education has reached out to the community, asking their opinions on a new superintendent. There are a number of surveys for parents, teachers, and community members, to fill out and share their opinions on what traits are desired in a superintendent. 

I have really appreciated Jeffco’s willingness to gather feedback from the community through various forms and surveys, asking what qualities we are looking for in the superintendent,” Dakota Ridge High School band teacher Dylan Ford said. 

The Jefferson County School District is hoping to find a superintendent who has had experience in both elementary education and experience in middle and high school, but most importantly they want somebody who is willing to put the students first. They also want to hire someone with a vision, to bring Jeffco Schools back to full in-person learning. 

“I think we also need a clear vision of what student growth looks like…definitely some common vision from the district that can support us getting back to work and getting students back in the schools,” Dakota Ridge High School principal, Dr. Jim Jelinek, said. 

The COVID-19 pandemic will definitely pose a challenge for the district’s search for a superintendent. The pandemic makes it harder to observe the character of the new superintendent, which will make the important job of finding a qualified superintendent much more difficult.

“I think the pandemic itself is probably going to limit the candidate pool…just because people are trying to figure out what they are doing in their own world,” Jelinek said. 

Although this will be an issue, the district will conduct a nationwide search to find the perfect fit for Jeffco. The most important thing is that they find someone who will consider and appreciate everyone in the district. 

Jeffco Public School district is leading a national search for a new superintendent. (Jeffco Public Schools )

“There are so many people in our district who also play a big role in students finding success, such as teachers, staff, administration, parents, guardians, outside organizations, and more.” Ford said. “I really value district leaders who recognize that in order for students to be successful. It is important for all voices in our community to be heard, so that we can all work together to reach our goal.”