False Fire Alarm Pull Causes Panic

According to IFSEC Global, approximately 98% of automatic fire alarm incidents are false alarms.

According to IFSEC Global, approximately 98% of automatic fire alarm incidents are false alarms.

Payton Tanner, Editor

Dakota Ridge students had to evacuate the school on Friday, February 24th, because a student pulled a fire alarm during the passing period between Seminar and sixth block. Unlike many of the drills that we have throughout the school year, this was unplanned and took everybody by surprise. The response from students and teachers was quick, and they did what they were taught to do. 

“So there are two parts to the punishments; there is the school consequence, and that could be up to three days out-of-school suspension because it disrupts the whole school, because all of you had to go outside in the cold, and the fire department had to come, and other law enforcement. For me it can be considered some kind of false reporting,” Deputy Dave Bruening said. 

In Colorado, the Fire Code requires schools to hold a fire drill within the first 10 days of school, and then once a month after that. While Dakota Ridge abides by these regulations, it is also important to note that the staff and administrators are made aware of a fire drill that may take place. In this instance, there was clearly no warning, as it is not something that anybody expected. 

According to Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, approximately 78 percent of Americans have said that they know how to use a fire extinguisher. (Payton Tanner)

“I was walking down the steps to go to PE 101, and I turned the corner, and there was this group of boys speed walking away from the fire alarm and saying ‘good job’ to each other. That obviously caused me to believe that they had just pulled the fire alarm, as it went off right after, and I was asked to tell this to some other school officials so they could check the cameras,” junior Jordan Whiteaker said. 

There are many rumors circulating around the school about what actually happened with the pulling of the fire alarm. These questions may never be answered to the general public, but whatever did happen will be dealt with by Deputy Bruening as well as anybody else who has to get involved. There are many consequences that come along with pulling the fire alarm, and it is never a joke. Students must understand that their actions have consequences.