Holiday Gift Ideas For Students on a Budget

According to Yahoo Finance, Americans will spend approximately $942-$960 billion during the holiday season.

Iasse Bergqvist (unsplash)

According to Yahoo Finance, Americans will spend approximately $942-$960 billion during the holiday season.

Hannah Martin-Edmonson, Features Editor

With the holiday season coming up quickly, many people with a tight budget are struggling to figure out what to buy for those who mean the most to them. Although this is a widespread problem, we can all help each other out. 

According to DRHS senior Cadence Stubblefield, she thinks the main gifts a teenager should get this year are some new shoes and clothing. She’s hoping to receive a Stanley tumbler and Gym Shark clothing. Stubblefield is especially excited to give her mom and brother the gifts she got for them. “I plan on getting a new pair of Lululemon shorts for my brother. I think he’ll be really excited about it.” And as a group gift from her and her brother, they are getting their mom a new pair of shoes that she’s been wanting. 

When it comes to gift giving, it definitely could be a struggle to afford something for everyone. From my own experiences,  Five Below, TJ Maxx, and Ross are the places to go! These stores are great to shop for all of your family members when you are on a budget, including gifts like toys, makeup, clothing, house decor, and much more!

I bought gifts for my entire family consisting of customized pajama pants, new socks, candles, and jewelry. One main thing to keep in mind during the holiday season is that it’s the thought that counts. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money just to impress your loved ones—giving something meaningful is really all that matters. 

Black Friday is not the busiest shopping day of the year, it is actually two days before Christmas. (Eugene Zhyvchik (unsplash))

Manoah Collier (senior) is very excited to see her mom open a new leather purse that she’s been wanting for a while but was hesitant to purchase herself. Collier thinks that the meaning behind the present is more important than the price. “I don’t have a strict budget for gift giving just because I love getting super specific gifts for people. And oftentimes, if I set a limit, I’m not able to get as good a gift,” Collier said.

To help her prepare for the holiday season, Collier spends less money throughout October and November. She also keeps an eye out for deals on Amazon.

Amazon is a great place to buy gifts for everyone. They have “Everyday Deals” which can be found on the app under “Epic Deals.” Amazon has saved me this holiday season with their wide selection, low prices, and fast delivery, which is helpful for any busy teenager. 

Adalynn Symalla is hoping to get an Apple gift card so she can buy herself the new Apple Airpods max. She loved to shop for her siblings for Christmas, knowing that they would love their new Air Jordan shoes. 

Jasmine Huynh now has a bigger budget than past years due to her new job. She is excited to buy more expensive gifts for her family, including a heavy jacket for her dad and a new Pandora bracelet for her mom.

The biggest struggle I’ve heard about is what to get for teen boys. For me, my brother is obsessed with the gym, so I’m getting him new pre-workout and gym clothes. The best present for any teen is a new video game or new shoes. Columbine senior Nathan Fishel is hoping to see the new Playstation 5 underneath his Christmas tree.

During this holiday season it’s important to remember that the meaning of a gift is much more than how much the gift costs.

“Anything counts. Even a little gift shows that someone means something to you, regardless of how much it is.” Stubblefield said. “Whether you have $20 or $200, a family member is sure to love whatever you give them because of its meaning. Price isn’t everything!”