Starbucks Kicks Off Holiday Season With Annual Red Cups

Restaurant review

Starbucks released their holiday drinks on November third but had their speical Red Cup day on November 17.

Hannah Martin-Edmonson

Starbucks released their holiday drinks on November third but had their speical Red Cup day on November 17.

Hannah Martin-Edmonson, Features Editor

Starbucks kicks off the holiday season by releasing their red cups on November 17. This is a yearly tradition started in 1997, bringing holiday cheer into people’s everyday lives. Along with the reusable cups they release on Red Cup Day, Starbucks changes their normal cups to a holiday design. This tradition also brings in holiday flavors and treats.

My personal favorite holiday drink is the toasted white chocolate mocha. This drink has a strong white chocolate flavor with whipped cream and fun red holiday sprinkles on top! Though they do sell their white chocolate mocha year round, I definitely always prefer their holiday version.

They also sell a caramel brulee latte, a peppermint mocha, a sugar cookie almond milk latte, and a chestnut praline latte. I have yet to try the caramel brulee and the chestnut praline latte. The peppermint mocha is very delicious, but it is sold all year round, so I don’t see the holiday aspect of it. The sugar cookie almond milk latte is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. For me, personally, it was a bit too sweet, but I’ll have to try it again. 

These Christmas flavors are still available through most of January. (Hannah Martin-Edmonson)

As for the holiday treats, I love myself a snowman cookie! Their snowman cookie is a soft, chewy treat with white chocolate frosting to decorate the body and a milk chocolate frosting for the hat; it also comes with sugar sprinkles to top it off. They serve other treats like the cranberry bliss bar, a reindeer cake pop, and a sugar plum cheese danish, but I have yet to try those out. 

“My favorite holiday drink would be the white chocolate peppermint latte hot or iced because it’s very nostalgic as it brings back a lot of memories from when I was younger, like when I was in elementary school, my mom would always bring me a tall of the drink,” senior, Jasmine Huynh said. “The drink overall just brings back good memories of the holiday seasons and makes me more grateful for what I have!”