2022 Kickball Season Comes to an Exciting End

Chris House, Staff Writer

The annual Dakota Ridge kickball tournament just wrapped the 2022 season with the following Seminar winners:  Paez took the senior win, Horan’s class won the junior title, Lawless earned the sophomore win, and Cummings and Dougherty wrapped up the freshman games to take the title.

This was one of the most action-packed seasons to date. Lawless and Luna went toe to toe on the field during the sophomore games. Lawless’s team kept a steady pace throughout their play on the bases, ending with a solid 6 points. Luna’s team stepped to the base and kept a steady 2 points. Luna won the game with a 5-point steal. With one last game, the steaks were just as high as the tension. And the steaks were cut November 10th. With both teams at a standstill, it was down to a tie, and after 3 switch-offs, Lawless took the title of sophomore kickball champion. 

Other grade levels had exciting games and made memories of their own.