Colorado Free Application Day Is In Place


Markus Winkler (Unsplash)

Colorado’s Free Application Day provides many the opportunity to apply for college.

Kassidy Spencer, Sports Editor

Colorado Free Application Day allows students to apply for public and private colleges in Colorado for free on the days of October 18th through the 20th. The Colorado Department of Higher Education posted fee waiver information for every college in Colorado that chooses to participate in free application day. 

“This helps me as a high school student because I don’t have money to pay $50-$75 per application on top of tuition,” said senior Manoah Collier.

The goal of this event is to encourage anybody who is interested in applying for college to receive a higher education, to do so without expense, allowing students to make that decision based on which college is the right choice, not which college they can afford to apply to. 

“The free College Application Day has definitely encouraged me to finish my application because I procrastinate and do things at the very last minute,” said senior Jasmine Huynh. “The fact that these days were free and any day after you would have to pay really motivated me.”

Submit your application anytime within October 18th through October 20th. (Talent Found Colorado Applies Month)

There is also a Colorado Applies Month that has similar intentions as the free application days, which is to help upperclassmen students and any adults apply for programs that will help them with education or training programs. The Colorado Applies Month started September 19th and ends a day after free application day on October 21st.