Dakota Ridge High School’s Annual Wish Week Begins

The Make a Wish Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money to grant wishes to critically ill children.


The Make a Wish Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money to grant wishes to critically ill children.

Olivia Hain, Staff Writer

Starting Friday the 15th of April and running through the 21st of April, Dakota Ridge High School will be once again hosting Wish Week, an event dedicated to granting a wish through the Make a Wish foundation.

Wish Week is an event that is held annually involving several activities with the aim of raising money to help a critically ill student. All proceeds will be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation.  The DRHS National Honor Society (NHS) is the organization in charge of the event, and their goal is to raise $5,000 over the course of the week.

“I think it’s important to note that Make Your Wish doesn’t only provide wishes for terminal children. They grant wishes for almost any child with a critical illness! And the work they do has profound impacts,” senior Hannah van Duursen, secretary of NHS and an organizer of the event, said. “I’ve learned so much about the organization as I work, and I’ve heard so many stories about the life and light these granted wishes bring to the kids who receive them. For many, it’s the bright moment in their life that reignites their will to fight and reminds them of their passions. A wish is so much more than a trip to Disneyland. It’s a reminder of the joy and wonder life has to offer and an immense show of love and support!”

Money will be raised via a few fun activities during lunches. NHS students will be stationed at tables in the main hall ready to accept donations in exchange for participation in some of these events. Students can donate in cash or use the QR codes posted at the tables to donate digitally. There will also be events that students can donate to during Seminars.

Members of Dakota Ridge’s National Honor Society will be stationed in the main hall during lunches, ready to accept donations. (Olivia Hain)

The three main events being held are a prize drawing, a Hot Wheels betting competition, and a game of Capture the Flag. 

The prize drawing is exactly what it sounds like: students will purchase tickets for $1 each and submit them to try and win various gift cards like Chick-Fil-A or Starbucks, to name a few. 

For Capture the Flag, students can join one of four teams, $3 per person for entry. At the end of the week, the participants will play a four-way game inside the gym. The winning team will win prizes after the fact.

The Hot Wheels betting competition operates under the same principle as professional horse races. For a fee of $5, students can bet on one of six cars they think will win a race that will be held at the end of the week. Students can cast multiple votes for multiple cars, and everyone who bet on the winning car will receive prizes. The top donor in the winner’s pot will receive an extra prize as well.

Another, smaller event that is being held is the Wish Workout. Students can donate any sum of money to see their favorite athletics coaches and teachers do push-ups. Whatever dollar amount is donated for one specific teacher, that teacher will have to do that amount of push-ups (i.e. $20 equals 20 push-ups). As a collective whole, the Seminar that donates the most amount of money will receive a pizza party. 

Wish Week donations are for a good cause and any and all donations are welcomed and more than appreciated.


Note:  A correction was provided on 4-18-22 noting the recipient of donations.