The Final Push

Ella Arnold, Co Editor

With the holidays approaching quickly, students at Dakota often find themselves dreaming about winter break — sleeping in late, Christmas presents, and enjoying time to relax during the start of one of the most festive times of the year. However, a huge obstacle lies between this semester and a much needed vacation — finals.

Every student dreads finals, but not every student prepares for them the same way. Some choose to study weeks in advance, some choose to only do the required study guides, and others don’t study at all. Perhaps the greatest difference in study habits is between nervous, motivated freshmen — and significantly less stressed seniors — at Dakota Ridge.

Rosella Connett (9), a student in the pre-IB program at Dakota Ridge, is definitely feeling the heat of finals. She’s taken preparation very seriously for her first finals of freshman year.

“I am taking the study guides that teachers have given me and (I am) making flash cards on all of the concepts… I’m a little nervous for finals,” says Connett.

For freshmen like Connett, finals are a new, intimidating territory. Study sessions like the annual Cocoa Cram make finals less daunting, and provide much-needed support for students in their first year at Dakota.

Jackson Manely, a senior at Dakota Ridge, is significantly less worried about finals.

“I was, at no point, losing sleep stressing about grades,” says Manely (12). “I know the majority of my work is behind me, so there’s not much reason to worry right now.”

Despite this, he still feels pressure to bring his grades up before the semester ends. The grade crunch at the end of every semester is another challenge students have to conquer before winter vacation.

“I feel pretty motivated to study this year as I need some last-minute grade saving this time around. I hope to have some breathing room next semester,” says Manely.

Final exams are always a challenge to take and to prepare for during the end of the semester. With the motivation of winter break just around the corner, students are able to get through finals and enjoy the holidays with a sense of accomplishment, no matter how they prepare for them.