Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Has Local Effect


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The Ukraine people are enduring this hardship with each other, relying on complete nationalism to persevere.

Ian van Duursen , Staff Writer

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, officially ordered his armed forces to commence military operations in the bordering country of Ukraine as of February 24, 2022. 

Coming to power in May of 2000, Putin has consistently rivaled western nations and the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Alliance, and this tension has come to the forefront. By invading Ukraine, Russia not only established their “lack of fear” to the eyes of a watching world, but somewhat put the spotlight on NATO and the “allies” of Ukraine to format a response. Yet it is more complicated, as Ukraine is not a recognized member of NATO, therefore, does not fall under the “attack one attack all” category. This complicates how countries may support them with military personnel or military supplies.

The capital city of Kyiv is currently under siege from Russian forces, repelling attacks from all directions. (Eugene ( )

How does this violent act, thousands of miles away, affect our local community? Well, a seasoned history teacher at Dakota Ridge High School, Levi Bartholomew, predicts several certain results.

First, the domestic stock market will be influenced. Many global issues or spark events often influence the value and market trends — investments might lose value, and there might be a potential lag. This could spread across multiple markets, including fuel and technologies. 

Also, there will be a domestic change within the fuel market in America. Russia is a large producer for these fossil fuels, but due to trade sanctions, these trade practices have been halted. However, America is also a large world producer of oil and other fuel products; therefore, these will be utilized, coming to the potential demise of local companies, as they will make less profit selling their products domestically and not internationally. 

Here in Colorado, we will also be able to view the long-term tremendous economic issues within Russia. The sanctions many countries have placed upon Russia are targeting the banks of Russia, making it less easy and somewhat impossible for them to produce a revenue. Eventually, this will result in their inability to produce loans, which will then cascade into every outreach of the economy. This long-term effect might eventually affect Russian made products sold in America, either eliminating their production or altering their prices tremendously.

A statue in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. (Andrii Leonov (

As this conflict rages on, we can expect subtle changes to our way of life. From the stock market to fuel usage, a war 4,000 miles away will have its effects. Coloradans can support the Ukrainian civilians being harshly affected by this invasion by donating to organizations like UNICEF Ukraine and Care International.