The Cosmos Within Us: Exploring Astrology


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Annamarie Burford, Staff Writer

Astrology has been a concept and a topic of discussion for thousands of years, coming in and out of popularity and practice throughout the history of humankind. In recent years, the western world has begun opening the doors to the idea again, after its loss in popularity after the 70s era. Many people are now seeking to learn more about astrology and its complex nature, but it’s difficult to know where to begin. 

First of all, what is astrology? Astrology is the study of the cosmic movements and positions and their effect on human interactions and every individual on a personal level. Throughout history, astrologists have been collecting information on the cosmic positions and political/social events that occur during times of transition and in certain placements. With time they developed patterns and found associations between the two events. 

The concept is extremely complex, with everything and every detail having a meaning or effect. In other words, it can be a very difficult thing to understand for many.

I, personally, have been studying and learning about astrology and astronomy in my own free time for the past year and half now. I have always found an interest in it since I was in middle school, but only as of late have I really begun the journey to learn the full depths of the topic. I am by no means an expert, and all of my knowledge comes from my own research and reading I’ve done myself, but I would like to claim I know more than the average person. 

But do I know more than the average person? Well first off, how much, on average, do my peers know about astrology? To answer this question, I made an astrology quiz with information I had previously known covering the overall ideas of astrology. I gave the quiz to my friends and acquaintances via social media platforms. 

The average score was 13.85/20 which is 69%. I’m in AP statistics and I don’t know what I can do with that information, but it seems low. I’m on a mission to bring that average score up for those who are willing to learn. 

In the quiz I asked for those who were interested in astrology, and having their chart read by me, to leave their information, including exact time of birth and location. 

I got many more offers than I had previously thought, and I selected two participants to meet with and look at their chart. 

Keemia Shirvan, an 11th grader at Dakota Ridge High School, had been asking me to read her chart for a long time and jumped on the opportunity. Shirvan has been interested in astrology for quite some time now but has never fully done research about the topic on her own. Eager to learn more, she came in with optimism for accurate and interesting results. 

“I knew it was going to be accurate because I do think astrology plays a factor in our live,s but I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did,” Shirvan said afterwards. 

Shirvan got multiple insights on her relationships, strengths, weaknesses, values, and more just by looking at her chart. 

The astrological natal/birth chart of Keemia Shirvan. (via

“This is too much therapy in one day,” Shirvan said, adding to her previous disbelief. She was surprised she learned as much as she did, including that one of her placements was in a different sign than she had previously thought due to inaccurate websites/mapping.

Use astro.cafeastrology,com for consistently accurate natal charts, the best website for finding your placements and learning more about your chart. 

Shirvan described her experience as, ‘helpful,’ and, ‘confirmation,’ for a lot of things she needed reassurance on. 

The second participant asked to remain anonymous, but as a recent high school graduate of Dakota Ridge, they were also eager to learn more about astrology. 

“I don’t know, literally, anything about astrology if I’m being honest,” the participant said before giving their exact time of birth and location to have their chart mapped. They claimed to be equally as excited to learn more as Keemia Shirvan was. 

“I didn’t realize there was so much to it; it’s so much more than just what month you were born in,” the participant said, “And it can tell you so much more than I thought it could, like you can tell me what my relationship with my parents is like just by looking at my chart. That’s crazy.” 

Going into the interview with little to no previous knowledge about the subject can be slightly intimidating as this participant expressed that they were overwhelmed with the amount of information. Overall, they reviewed the experience to be positive and enjoyable. 

Astrology is such an interesting topic that grows in more exposure every day. Once shrouded with misconceptions, new light is coming to true astrology  and in order to maintain this, education and open-mindedness should be encouraged. 

If you have any interest or questions about astrology you would like to ask, please reach out! If you would like to take the astrology quiz, the link is below. 

Astrology Quiz