The Edgewater Market Has Fun For Everyone


The Edgewater Public Market is located at 5505 W. 20th Ave, Edgewater, CO 80214.

Edgewater Public Market (@edgewaterpublicmkt)

The Edgewater Public Market is located at 5505 W. 20th Ave, Edgewater, CO 80214.

Kassidy Spencer, Sports Editor

The Edgewater Public Market is a great place to go for a fun and well rounded experience. The welcoming environment offers a range of foods and drinks to satisfy everyone’s hunger, a variety of shops and boutiques, and multiple seating arrangements, both indoor and outdoor. With a rooftop deck there is a perfect view of Sloan’s Lake and downtown Denver. 

When you walk in the doors you are greeted by warm yellow lights strung across the ceiling. There are shiny wooden picnic tables that have signs to signify if the table is clean. Casual conversations fill the common area, as people of all ages are seated across from each other and small talk flows through the hallways of the building. 

Some fast food places that the market includes are: The Lucky Bird, Mac Shack, Moontime Crepes, Slideshow, Happy Cones, etc. These places all offer different types of food, and places like Konjo Ethiopian food and Mugi Ramen supply a contrast in cultures of food. 

Happy Cones’ Blackberry Kiwi ice cream flavor.
(happy cones co (@happyconesco))

From personal experience, The Lucky Bird is a great place to go for a variety of crispy chicken dishes. You will feel satisfied as soon as the savory food hits your tongue, leaving you wanting more even though the first dish already filled you up. 

Happy Cones is an extraordinary New Zealand style ice cream place that has many different flavors. When you order you can watch your favorite fruit infused into their homemade ice cream provided with your certain styled waffle cone or bowl. They also have smoothie bowls and regular ice cream made with local dairy products.

Garage Sale and Stalk Market shops. Edgewater Public Market (@edgewaterpublicmkt)

The market also has many diverse shops, ranging from clothing to plants. They have a vintage store called Garage Sale that sells vintage clothing items, toys, vinyl albums, and much more. Right across the way you can find a plant store called Stalk Market that has plants to spice up your home and stickers to express who you are. They even provide creative shops to show off artistic skills, like The Tangled ball and My Make Studio

Edgewater Market also offers a variety of functions to attend. Throughout the months they hold different events such as Bingo and Brunch. They also have random occurrences like happy hour at Roger’s or Men’s Drop in at The Tangled Ball.

Edgewater’s Christmas giving tree is located across the hall from the Abstract Denver store.
Edgewater Public Market (@edgewaterpublicmarket)

In the month of December, they hold special events for Christmas. For example, Santa comes to visit on the 11th and 18th, and they have a giving tree that ends on the 15th. The giving tree offers a unique occasion that allows any person to grab a tag from the tree and buy a gift for someone in need based off of the description on the card. 

The Edgewater Public Market presents an overall feeling of comfortability, community, and fulfills your wants to do the things you enjoy and embrace who you are through the variety of foods and stores. Many rooms inside of the market have yet to be rented out, but the ones currently there are fun and enjoyable. The market always has something to offer and leaves you seeking more of the memorable experiences.