Rhys Mallory Learns Lessons From Football

The Dakota Ridge High School JV football team record is 3-3.

Payton Tanner

The Dakota Ridge High School JV football team record is 3-3.

Payton Tanner, Staff

Rhys Mallory is a sophomore at Dakota Ridge High School. Mallory is number 46 and plays as a safety on the Dakota Ridge junior varsity football team. Through all the adversity Mallory and his team have faced, his time on the football team has only encouraged him to be a better person on and off the field.

Q: How long have you been playing football?

A:  I have been playing football since second grade.

Q: What lessons have you learned from playing football?

A: Through football I have learned when I fall, to get back up, and to persevere through life.

Q: How has your family supported you in football?

A: My family has supported me by coming to my games, and paying for football, and cheering for me.

Q: What are your ambitions with football?

A:  I hope to go to college and play football, and then play professional football after that.

Q: How has football changed you as a person?

A:  Football gave me a few concussions, but through the injuries it has taught me how to be tougher as a person.

Q: Was there ever a time you wanted to quit football?

The Dakota Ridge High School football team’s inaugural season was in 1996 when the school first opened. (Payton Tanner)

A:  No, there was never a time I wanted to quit football.

Q: What are the team dynamics on the Dakota Ridge High School football team?

A: All of my teammates and I support each other on and off the field. 

Q: Would you encourage other people to play football?

A:  Yes, because it is fun and creates a community for you to belong to.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of football?

A: My favorite aspect of football is getting to play in the games and when my team scores touchdowns against other teams. 

Q: Are you proud to wear your jersey to school on game days?

A:  Yes, because it shows my peers the work that I have put in to be a member of the team.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: I feel like football teaches you about the game of life through having to work as a team to reach a goal.