“Credible Threat” Brings Denver Metro Area to a Halt


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Cairo Zúñiga, Editor

After 24 hours of fear and anxiety throughout the state of Colorado, the woman accused of making threats against Columbine High School was found dead Wednesday.

Sol Pais, an eighteen-year-old Florida woman who was ‘infatuated’ with The Columbine Massacre, sparked widespread fear in the community after flying to Colorado Monday evening and purchasing a shotgun near Columbine High School. After being unable to locate her on Tuesday, at least 15 school districts cancelled class as a precautionary measure.

“The shadow of Columbine looms pretty large,” John McDonald, Jefferson County’s school safety executive director, said. “We are used to threats certainly at Columbine. This one felt different.”

While a school closure is normally a cause for celebration, the announcement left a bitter taste in the mouths of students who feared for their safety.

“Because of the threat, my school was also impacted,” Madison Smith, a college student, said. “I was unable to attend classes and my little sister was unable to attend high school as well. We all were in fear for the safety of others, and we sat in our living rooms just waiting for news on what to do next.”

Authorities are investigating whether or not Pais had any accomplices involved. In the meantime, Jefferson County has reopened classes for Thursday, April 18th, with heightened security for all schools.