Valentine’s Day Through the Years


Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force, Airman 1st Class Grace Nichols

Emmi Pignatore and Lea Kipp

Celebrating Valentine’s Day comes in many different ways. Some people choose to spend it with family, friends, with a date, or just stay at home and continue life like any other day. Schools are no different.

“At my school we are really excited about Valentine’s Day, because we have a party with our class which our parents can participate in too. We also have little boxes where our friends can put a little note in,” says Reese Honeycutt (3). In elementary school, the teachers want everyone to feel loved on this special day.

Valentine’s Day during elementary school is not a day for dating and being in love, but about letting everyone know that they are loved and appreciating every person. When Valentine’s Day rolls around for elementary schoolers, everyone gets candy and is able to just have a great time.

In middle school, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have a point anymore for kids. Teachers don’t plan a party anymore, and most of the middle schoolers aren’t interested in relationships at that age. “Valentine’s Day isn’t always the biggest event in school. Many celebrate it but only with close family and friends. Unfortunately no one really cares and sees the big meaning,” says Bailey Pignatore (8).

Some people get candy or chocolate for their closest friends and spend time with their families later in the day, but besides that, Valentine’s Day is just a normal Thursday.

In high school things run differently. People can look at Valentine’s Day as a day where they are alone. Some can see it as a day to love everyone. And others spend the day with their significant other. Dakota Ridge High School does its own take on Valentine’s Day, using it as an opportunity to sell “Crush” cans to raise money, and let people show their love and affection anonymously.

“I love Valentine’s day, but I wish we all would show that much love every day,” says Drew Valerio (12).