A Winter Wonderland


Gwenna Keckler, Editor

Saturday Feb. 9, students and staff braved the cold and ice for a magical night at Chatfield Farms. The annual Winter Formal contained dancing, music, fairy lights, and fun times.

This year, the Winter Formal, also known as the Sweethearts dance, took on a new form. In past years the dance has been located at the school, much like homecoming. However, this year student government made the decision to pick a new location to bring on a more magical feel.

“In Student Government we’ve been going back and forth deciding if we should keep the winter dance or not and what we can do to raise attendance so we decided to do it off campus this year. It was so cool to see all the hard work the sophomores put in to making this dance so great! I think everyone enjoyed it!” said Kendall Armitage (12), the student body president.

The dance brought students together as they could dance together in the beautiful space at Chatfield Barns. And it also allowed the school to raise money and attendance and provide a safe and enjoyable experience.