Explore the Denver Art Scene Over Spring Break

Madisyn Barnes, Staff Writer

With spring break around the corner, making plans with friends and family can be difficult if you don’t know how to spend it wisely.

If you enjoy exploring the minds of others through sculpting, painting, and other expressions, there are many art exhibits throughout the Denver area that are worth visiting. 

One of the newest and most popular exhibits, Meow Wolf – Convergence Station, is a unique and psychedelic-like art exhibit filled with out-of-the-ordinary styles of paintings and sculptures that are brought to life by the optional storyline you can choose to follow during your visit. Admission for Colorado residents is $35 and $49 for non-Colorado residents. 

Another unique experience in Denver is the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit. Instead of enjoying the artist’s pieces from afar, you become immersed in Van Gogh’s most famous works through projections. The projections move in a certain way along with brush strokes highlighted in each piece creating something truly special. Tickets prices vary depending on age, the day chosen, and the type you would like. Prices begin at $29.99 for children (6-16yrs), $39.99 for Basic Timed, $49.99 for Premium Flex, and $79.99 for V.I.P. Flex. 

If you choose to go the more traditional route, the Denver Art Museum is perfect. With many different paintings from different centuries and places around the world, you will be constantly amazed by the new styles and history of each. The Denver Art Museum has many events going on including ReVisión (open through July 17th) a selection of 180 objects from Ancient American and Latin America collections and Curious Visions (open through June 19th) a 2,800 square foot space filled with regular rotations of photography work. Tickets begin at $5.00 for youth (6-18) and $28.00 for adults.

If you would like to support Latino and/or multicultural communities, going to the Chac Gallery—a non-profit organization—can be one of the ways you can show support, while also enjoying their art and community. 

If you would like to enjoy art but also do it on your own time, take photos, and enjoy the day altogether, you should visit RiNo Art District. RiNo Art District is an area in Denver filled with restaurants, jazz bars, and most importantly, art galleries. RiNo is filled with local graffiti artists of all kinds and is a great place to enjoy your day with friends and family. RiNo District is free to the public (excluding events, food, etc.) and is a perfect place to take pictures and enjoy a new perspective on traditional art. 

There are many different types of art and exhibits all throughout the Denver area to enjoy over spring break. From traditional oil paintings to psychedelic sculptures, there is a place for everyone to enjoy.