Pluto Returns to Give America, Hopefully, a Push in the Right Direction

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Annamarie Burford , Staff Writer

As a nation, we’ve been given several non-stop, brutal blows to the political, social, and economic aspects of our lives for the last several years. As we move forward, we search for answers on how and when we are going to be pulled out of the turmoil of the pandemic among other surrounding issues that never seem to stop popping up. Luckily, we can look to the sky and our cosmos for possible answers on what’s in the future with the study of astrology. 

The great Pluto Return for the United States is right around the corner in late February to begin the year, and as it approaches, it feels like an intense, suspenseful, intro music opening for an action-packed movie that’s to follow, ringing us awake and setting the scene for our future. If you feel something big coming, this is it. 

What is the Pluto return, though, and what does it mean astrologically?

Astrology, often misconstrued as a surface level way to judge someone based on the month they were born, goes much deeper than just the individual level. The study can be applied to nations and large groups as planets orbit around the sun — changing position in relativity to the Earth — and affecting us all simultaneously, and in turn, as communities. For centuries astrologists have documented these cosmic shifts having possible political and social effects on societies. The United States is no exception with its fair share of events that align with planetary movements. 

Pluto, the furthest planet in our solar system, and still often debated whether it is considered to be a planet, is actually seen as one of the most influential planets in modern astrology. The planet represents transformation, death, rebirth, and intimacy. Due to its distance from the sun and our planet Earth, it shifts positions slowly; 248 years to orbit the sun, that slowly. Clearly then, no one has lived long enough to have Pluto return to its exact position when they were born, but countries, civilizations, and world powers sometimes do live long enough to see the day. The planet has significant movements commonly coinciding with key historical events and pivotal periods of time. In addition, because the planet is so slow moving, its effects during these important transits, such as Pluto returning to its starting position, are experienced for years, and even decades, at a time.

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Some aren’t convinced as one anonymous interviewee demonstrates: “The position of Pluto doesn’t mean s**t,” the unnamed teen said. 

Many would agree with him.  Without knowing any evidence, it’s hard not to disbelieve. However, just looking into history can bring a lot of correlations to the table that are as equally intriguing as they are hard to entirely deny. 

Take for example, the British empire: beginning in the 10th century after the coronation of William the Conqueror, the empire experienced three Pluto returns in its lifetime, and its effects are clearly shown in its history. The first return was during the great famine beginning in 1315. The return also encompassed years of environmental issues and the victory of the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 that provided the separation of the Scots from England. With their first Pluto return not looking very promising, their second one during the mid-15th century seemed to show better outcomes. During this time England had its first non-jointly ruling female monarch, Queen Mary I, followed by Elizabeth I after her death. Most significant during this second return, though, was the launch of England’s “golden age” as literature, art, and knowledge boomed after Queen Elizabeth I took the country’s broken economy and restored it by inciting global exploration, stability, and overall prosperity in the country. 

The list goes on demonstrating huge societal events aligning with this huge cosmic moment among hundreds of civilizations throughout human history. 

So it seems like Pluto might be significant, and many of you may be panicking about what is to come based on what we’ve seen in the past, but don’t jump to conclusions yet. Although with what the British empire has shown about the groundbreaking effects of Pluto and the very possible negative effects it can bring, the beauty of astrology is that all situations and scenarios are entirely unique. The location, time, other planetary influences, social influences, the country’s astrological birth chart, etc. all play a role in how a Pluto return may affect a nation. 

Before entering the realm of what the United States might endure as it experiences its first Pluto return, we shall begin with the fact that we’re probably already feeling the effects. Over a decade ago, Pluto re-entered Capricorn, the sign it was in during America’s birth, possibly triggering the stock-market crash and economic crisis in 2008. As we grow closer and closer to the return, we experience the covid-19 pandemic bringing a multitude of social and economic issues, continuous political polarity, environmental problems, the procrastination of real change, and an overwhelming stress that crushes the country; it seems like it’s about time for a breakthrough. 

Pluto will be returning to the 27 degree of Capricorn – its exact position during the signing of the Declaration of Independence – on February 22, 2022, or excitingly enough, 2/22/22. Likely, this impressive transit will be economically related due to the United States birth chart which has Pluto in its 2nd house, the house of finance, money, and wealth, showing this is where most influence will be targeted.

America’s natal chart, or the planetary positions at the ‘birth’ of the country. (courtesy of

Remembering to take a look at the bigger picture and how the return can have an effect for years before and following the actual day it occurs, and comparing to other nations the Pluto return effects, it seems more than likely the United States has experienced the majority of the breaking down and ‘death’ the transformative planet typically brings to nations. Now it’s time for the rebirth. The pivotal moment might kick-start a passionate, ambitious, quick movement towards change and better solutions to the build-up of issues in the country. As younger generations begin to seek positions of power, new and unique ideas are brought to the plate to replace unbeneficial, set traditional practices, and as a country, move forward in the right direction together.

Astrologically, the planets appear to support this as their positions during the month of February, and surrounding this time, hint at positive impacts. Specifically with Jupiter (the planet of luck) and the sun (representing individuality and values) being in Pisces (the sign of the dreamer: creativity, open-mindedness and imagination), this points towards possible prosperity in our collective ability to create new ideas. Pluto, also being in Capricorn (the sign of the goat: hardworking, determined and driven), will hopefully further support this positive initiative. 

This is not to say that there are no possible negative effects to come, or that the United States will be a utopia by the end of 2022, it’s simply educated predictions on what may happen. There is no way of actually knowing if the cosmos has an effect on our lives, or if it does, how significant, but there are certainly many interesting insights and information that derives from the study that many of us can learn from. If all astrology does is help you take a step back and self-evaluate and assess situations, it is still teaching you a plethora of skills that are vital for growth.  So whether that tiny dwarf planet, billions of miles away from our Earth, really does have an impact on crashing economies, starting wars, and rebuilding societies or not, everyone wins. 

Does anyone actually see hope in this possible astrological impacted time period? Using Google forms, multiple teens were asked their thoughts on the Pluto return and what they thought it would bring.

“Transformation, unification, and re-birth of divine consciousness for humanity,” senior Cassidy Mefferd said.  

Not everyone was so elegant or enthusiastic with their words though, “Pluto is definitely going to bring its swagger back,” an anonymous surveyor said. 

It does seem that most agree that they’re hopeful for something new to come, with 62.5% of responses agreeing that Pluto’s return had some significance. 37.5% of respondents were unsure if the astrological shifts made a difference. 

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But in the spirit of open-mindedness and breakthroughs, I consider the possibility of astrology and its wealth of knowledge. Who knows if you could be a part of America’s revolution and enlightenment.  Based on the fact that you’ve made it this far, it already appears you are. So enjoy life and brace for impact. It’s going to be a big one this year of 2022, and we’re shooting for the stars.