Take A Trip To The Magical Boiling Isle With Luz Noceda

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Amariana Grisham, Staff Writer

Take a trip to the world of the Boiling Isles, a city filled with magic, witches, demons, and many other types of monsters, with Luz Noceda, a human who stumbled into a portal that spat her out into this magical world. She’s determined to make the best of it and achieve her childhood dream of becoming a witch, just like her hero, the Witch Azura, a character from her favorite book, The Good Witch Azura.

After stumbling into the portal, she meets a wanted criminal  who calls herself the strongest witch on the isles, known as The Owl Lady, or her real name, Edalyn “Eda” Clawthorne. Eda promises to let Luz go back home if she helps Eda get something from the emperor that he stole from King, Eda’s friend that lives with her at “The Owl House.” The episode continues on with Luz, at the end of the first episode, deciding to stay with them and learn to become a witch, instead of going back home for summer camp.

As the episodes continue, Luz starts to explore this new world, showing off the amazing world building of Dana Terrace. The Boiling Isles is a mix of creepy and beautiful in a way that leaves mystery hanging on the horizon. These mysteries are explored throughout the first seasons, and in the second season they dive even further into them. But that isn’t the only thing about this show that’s amazing. The characters are just as interesting and lovable.

Luz’s friends, from left to right: Willow Park, Gus Porter, Amity Blight. (DisneyPlus.Com)

While making friends was difficult for Luz in the human world, it seems she doesn’t have that issue in The Boiling Isles. She meets a witch in training, Willow Park, who eventually lets her meet her other friend, Gus Porter, and they all quickly become great friends. But the good characters don’t stop there. Even her enemies are interesting and complex characters that you could find as a surprising favorite. One of her enemies who turned into a friend and then something more is Amity Blight, another witch in training from an elite family running a successful company. The girls meet over and over before they find a tentative friendship, and they work surprisingly well together. Their relationship leads to another lovely part of this show.

Representation is done so well in this show — it’s heartwarming. Luz is canonically bi, and Amity is canonically lesbian. Though this isn’t exactly a first for Disney, it is the first time this type of thing is front and center and not just danced around like it is in other Disney shows. But another huge first includes the character Raine Whispers — they are the first nonbinary character in Disney. This is a huge win for the LGBTQ+ community, and they’re an amazing character.

“The Owl House” is now airing its second season on Disney+ and is quite popular. The first season is eighteen episodes, and the second season will include twenty-one. Though the show is already greenlit for a third season, it will only include three, forty-four minute long episode specials, instead of the normal longer seasons. There have been petitions for the show to continue, but it seems Disney isn’t planning on doing that anytime soon.

Either way, fans love this series, and it deserves the love. From the characters, to the plot, to the beautiful designs, this series is a must-watch for anyone that loves intriguing animated stories.