March Biden Beat

News Commentary

Emilya Barwick, Editor

Biden’s goal for his presidential campaign was 100 million Covid vaccine shots within his first 100 days of presidency. He met his original time frame on his 59th day of administration. He has now set a new goal of 200 million shots within his 100 days. The federal government had a deal with Johnson & Johnson for 200 million doses. There are also deals with Pfizer and Moderna for 600 million doses combined.

Biden ordered that all flags be hung at half mass to respect the lives lost in the Boulder shooting.

On the 25th of March, Biden held a press conference from the White House for the first time. He answered questions from the media on recent gun violence, the ongoing pandemic, and other pressing issues.

After The Table Mesa Road King Soopers shooting in Boulder on March 22, Biden called for Congress to move fast on background checks and assault weapon bans. Biden claimed that he wanted to pass legislation that would close any loopholes in gun background checks. He also wanted to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. This was made in his first public remark after the mass shooting. 

On March 8 Biden signed two executive orders to establish the White House Gender Policy Council. He also addressed sexual violence in the education field. He signed these orders on International Women’s Day. They are aimed at ensuring gender equality throughout the federal government when women are seen being inappropriately afflicted during the pandemic.

His second executive order that was signed that day was a guarantee that the educational environment would be free from sexual discrimination and sexual harassment and violence. Biden directed the education secretary to review all department policies and actions to eliminate inconsistencies with this policy.