Street Racers Take Over I-225

Tanner Fields, Staff Writer

Colorado street racing and the car culture surrounding it was prevalent on Sunday, March 8. These street racers shutdown interstate 225 causing a halt in the chaos of Colorado traffic.

There were a supposed 600-800 street racers causing this blockage on Sunday night. These vehicles were reported to be racing, cruising, and driving in unpredictable manners. The blockage became so severe that officers could not even enter the highway in order to mitigate the incident. 

As a result of the event, the mayor as well as the Aurora Police Department, has proposed a crackdown on illegal street racing as the current legislation is not severe. Reckless driving and exhibition of a speed contest are simply misdemeanors, which does little to deter street racers from illegal actions. 

Aurora Police have even gone to the extent of calling upon their social media followers to help identify and prosecute some of those involved in the event through incriminating images or videos. 

Through the use of social media, car crews and street racing groups are becoming too complex to track and manage from a police perspective. Information is too quickly spread among a large number of people for the meets and races to be manageable. 

Police and legislators find themselves at a turning point on how this issue should be addressed, as it is becoming more and more prevalent in Aurora and other surrounding cities.