The U.S. Sees the First Distribution of the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine on Monday Morning

A quick update on the vaccine distribution after it was approved by the FDA.


Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The craze of the pandemic may be coming to a slow decline as the hope of a new vaccine reaches America’s borders.

Emilya Barwick, Editor

On Monday, December 14, the first approved Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine was distributed in New York to a nurse at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens. 

Distribution of the vaccine will start for the elderly, people at high risk, and front line workers. The majority of Americans will have to wait a few more months for a possible vaccination. The FDA will be expected to release its report on Moderna’s COVID vaccine, which is on track to begin distribution by the end of the year, as early as next week.

In Colorado the first shipment of the Pfiizer Covid-19 vaccine arrived on Monday morning, and most of the general public are expected to get a shot within six months. 

Doctors and health officials are still encouraging everyone to continue wearing masks and practice social distancing.