2020 Winter Formal: A Night in Greece

Rebecca Harris, Staff Writer


“The front of the mosh pit is not meant for short people. I fell down to the bottom of it, that was kinda scary,” Heather Allen (10) said.
“I thought the venue was nice and a good size for the turnout. There seemed to be more cohesion within the group of students there than most dances,” Paul Tschour, science teacher at Dakota, said.
“The dance was amazing! I loved the venue. Baldoria on the Water, it was such a pretty place to portray the Athens theme and the lights and vines with the pillars gave everything a very rustic feel. Dancing was a lot of fun, too, not as crazy as Homecoming but there was a moshpit on the dance floor throughout the night, and everyone was jumping and singing along to the music. Whether you went with a date or a group of friends, it was easy to have a really good time,” Maya Sheehan (10) said.
“The dance was low key, kind of fun. Great music,” Christian Woodmansee (12) said.
“Dances are a fun opportunity to hang out with your friends outside of school,” Megan Stahmer (10) said.
“This year’s winter formal was the time of my life! It was just all sophomores having fun and just being themselves and just enjoying life!” Avery Williams (10) said.
“This is lit,” Mae Gojanovic (10) said.
“I like how I made new friends,” Jordan Pidek (10) said.