Dakota Women’s Soccer Team Loses to Columbine During Preseason Indoor Game

Dakota Women’s Soccer Team Loses to Columbine During Preseason Indoor Game

Maya Sheehan, Staff Writer

The Dakota Ridge incoming women’s soccer team played Columbine in their indoor soccer game Wednesday afternoon resulting in a 3-1 loss.

In first eight minutes of the game, Dakota’s defense held their line, not letting Columbine through until a miscommunication on marking players led to the first goal against Dakota. Catching Dakota disorganized and on their heels, the second goal came shortly after, making the score 2-0 Columbine. 

Women’s indoor soccer is divided into two teams, returning players and incoming players. Keona Sagen normally plays with the returning player’s team on Tuesday nights; however, she decided to help out the incoming team as well. She comments on the connectivity of the team leading to the shots in the box, “We did have some good passes and ideas, we just couldn’t finish them.”

Photo Credits: Maya Sheehan
Dakota was able to increase their communication, work up the field, and return shots. Two successive corners provided good opportunities for Dakota, the first going to sophomore Keona Sagen (in blue) the second to freshman Maisy Symalla.

Dakota got another chance right before half time as freshman Hazel Dartt challenged the Columbine keeper after a cross from the wing player Molly Fairbrother, a sophomore. “I think talking more really helped us to be more aware of the other players, our own players, and the game itself,” Dartt said.

Photo Credits: Maya Sheehan
With a keeper change from Mia Bussey, freshman, to Signey Logan, sophomore, and after a goal within the first minute, Dakota defense managed to keep the score 3-0 throughout the second half and keep the pressure on the Columbine team.

About halfway into the second half, a play down the field by Keona Sagen drew a penalty and led to an indirect kick for Dakota right outside the box. 

Sagen passed short back to freshman Madeleine McCormick who then fired a shot into the back of the net, bringing the score to its final of 3-1. “We played

better after we scored, and everyone was more motivated,” McCormick said. This was visible in the players as they used this new drive to finish the game getting many more shots off and holding their defensive shape. 

For these players, indoor and preseason is good preparation for the upcoming spring season.

“It’s helping us because we actually get to play together and get touches,” Sagen said. McCormick agreed saying, “Indoor is a good opportunity for the team to get to know each other to prepare us for the regular season.”

Photo Credits: Maya Sheehan
The team agreed that the goal helped to push them further in the game. “When Maddie went in and scored, it lifted the whole team’s spirit,” said Dartt. The coach of the Dakota Ridge Women’s and Men’s soccer team agreed with the players.  “Goals solve all problems,” Coach John Cassidy said. “We enjoyed the game after scoring.”

And as the players work on and off the field to get in shape, Coach John Cassidy is leading indoor games and encouraging daily fitness. “We’re learning to become soccer players. Playing together is the last step. A good preseason allows for a healthy season,” Coach Cassidy said.