Don’t Drink the Water Delights Dakota Ridge

Theater department's fall play ran November 7, 8 and 9.


Rebecca Harris, Staff Writer

Chef (Josie Brooks), Kilroy (Evan Donelson), and Axel Magee (Eric Davern). The diplomatically inept Axel Maggee attempts to calm down the staff of the embassy, while secret police try to arrest innocent American tourists.
Father Drobney (Sean Murray), Marion Hollander (Emmalee Ketchum), Walter Hollander (Aaron Obialero), Susan Hollander (Hana Decker), Axel Magee (Eric Davern). “I feel like I was a movie star, even though it’s a high school play,” Ketchum said.
Walter Hollander (Aaron Oblilario) and the Camasar of Bashir (Jordan Rhynard) get into an insult battle about morality. “It’s comedy surrounded by, like, a good message,” Obialero said.
Unexpectedly, a bomb turns up in the room. Walter Hollander (Aaron Oblilario) freaks out, but Axel Magee (Eric Davern) comes to the rescue to help disarm the bomb. “My favorite part of the play was just the building process of it, seeing the scene moment by moment, and just the mistakes we made with lines and everything. I’ll never forget this,” Davern said.
Cast of Don’t Drink the Water. “It (the role) was a nice change of pace, because lately I’ve been behind stage, and it was nice to be back in the lights. It’s been that way since freshman year, so it’s just a really nice thing to come back to,” Davern said.