New Orleans Festival Arrived for Homecoming


“When my friends and I arrived, we went straight to the gym to dance. The decorations were pretty, and the robots by the water were super cool, ” Kayla McClain (12) said.

Emmi Pignatore, Senior Staff Writer

Students gathered for their 2019 Homecoming dance on October 12, dressed in their best attire.  

“My friends and I went out to dinner at Olive Garden before we arrived at the dance. At the dance we talked and danced to the music that the DJ played. He was so nice, and the music was pretty good,” Becky Miller, Chatfield student guest, said. 

The dance was held in the main gym at Dakota Ridge. Many of the students started an impromptu mosh pit, but eventually got shut down for injuries caused, sending some of those injured students to the clinic. Administrators eventually had to stop the music and remind the crowd to be safe. 

Despite the minor problems, many students stayed till the very end, wrapping up a week of festival fun.