Seniors Rise for the New Year

Emmi Pignatore, Sr. Staff Writer and Photography Adviser

Seniors woke up early on Friday, September 13 to enjoy the sunrise. By 6 a.m. the students gathered, camera ready, to take photos of the sky’s natural beauty.

“Waking up so early was worth watching the sunrise with everyone, it was a great event for all the seniors to get together and hangout,” Shannon Tracy (12) said.

This event is a tradition where the seniors gather together and watch the sun rise. 

Students arrived at dirt lot snuggled up in blankets, hoodies and sweatpants. As the sun rose, they continued to trickle into the dirt lot, some dancing the morning away. 

“The sunrise was really fun and it was nice to be together as a class for a senior tradition,” Grace Zinzer (12) said.